United Chess Competitions - UCC

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Dec 29, 2021
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Hello and welcome to United Chess Competitions(UCC) - a whole WORLD of chess events! We're aiming for around 1,000 members and you can help us a lot by clicking that green "Join" button RIGHT NOW!

Members Count: 103/1000 We suffered from this guy: @chessthesmall. Previously, our club had 300+ members!

Cool FEATURE(only in this club!): every new member will be mentioned in a special forum, including a link to his profile and two different links to his club, blog, YouTube or Twitch channel. Try it!

If you know people who can help us with the Organization or become our Sponsors, please PM me directly!

We also host Fun Games in our Forum Section!! Everyone can participate and have fun! Learn more on our main page!

And remember to follow this SIMPLE formula:

Join, Stay, Have Fun!