University of Ottawa Chess Club

Feb 6, 2022
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Linktree with all socials:
Feb 8, 2023
next meeting will be on the 14th it sounded like, follow the discord for updates and such
Feb 8, 2023
When are otb games held?
(Cont.) are primarily announced on Facebook, Discord and Instagram. If you have any accessibility or DEI related concerns, please reach out to me directly as any member of the club (exec or not) is able to see and reply to notes. ~Veronica
@Renautie Although we have run a regular online league in the past, there has not been enough interest in online play to run a regular online schedule since Fall 2021. There are opportunities to represent the university online through the Collegiate Chess League and special online events with other universities that are usually organized in the Fall and Winter semesters. Unfortunately, isn't the ideal platform for announcements and advertising. Our events (both in person and online)