USA Southeast Admin Cafe

Sep 24, 2022
I may have sent too many. Mexico only has 6 players. We have a bunch of 1100-1200 rated players. I did several pages.
On it
3 hrs ago
I’m traveling from NC to FL today. Can somebody please rustle up a few more players for today’s U1200 match with a Mexican team.
5 days ago
Hi: We need about 7 more players for tomorrow afternoon's Hello Syria U1000 match. I will be travelling all day tomorrow, and am packing tonight and getting the dogs to the dog sitter. Could somebody work on getting players so we are even with the Syrians. They are nice folks, and their admin has a bunch of teams in the Arab world, and he always accepts our match challenges when I ask. Thanks!
10 days ago
We have filled our Bear Cubs roster (unless they add more) ......all is well.