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Pullman, Washington
Jul 3, 2009
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Aug 17, 2021
If any of you are still at WSU join the chess open tourney
Nov 20, 2020
Sure, let's play sometime
Nov 20, 2020
Been a coug for 2 years and I just found this group, send me an invite and lets play! go cougs!
May 19, 2020
Does anyone from WSU play chess here?
Sep 5, 2019
Anyone from WSU wants a chess partner?
Team Matches

Team Matches

buffalorock | Aug 24, 2009
hey, So it looks like CMadDog will be able to take his second team match game, which will put us in a tie with Team Idaho; no thanks to me. I really enjoyed the team match though. Great job on sweeping your games floogster. Are you two interested in setting up another one or two more team matches? There are plenty of small groups like ours to challenge.
need members

need members

CMadDog | Jul 6, 2009
If we can get more members that would be great, then we can actually start doing some team stuff.  So invite any body you know who plays and goes to or is an alum of WSU.
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