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Founded: May 30, 2009
Members: 21
YO! CAUTION: Construction Work In Progress! We are building a Chess Power House that caters to ONLY 2000+ rated Players! We have more 2000+ rated players per capita than any other Chess Team! If your a 2000+ rated player your admission to join the "YO" team group of Championship Players is Guaranteed! If your a Player that is rated UNDER 2000 do NOT despair! Team YO is NOT GOING TO PASS UP ON FUTURE CHESS CHAMPIONS! If YOUR a serious Chess Player, YOU are rated between 1700-1999, YOU have won 75% of your last 20 games YOU ARE IN! YO Motto: Dynamite Comes In Small Packages! We at YO are NOT trying to have the largest Quantity of PLAYERS. Rather, WE here at Team YO seek to have the highest Quantity of QUALITY Individuals that just happen to be GREAT CHESS PLAYERS to! If YOU feel YOU have what it takes to be a team YO Championship Player then apply TODAY! GOOD LUCK and GOOD CHESS and We Hope To See YOUR Name On The Exclusive Team Roster of Team YO SOON! Thank You.


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