Young Legends

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Dec 4, 2023
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G'day Young Legend! Glad you could join our family! Enjoy yourself, and I hope you grow to love chess even more! Together, we'll become legendary

Owner: CallmeLyric

Second in Command: Attack_Always_Attack

Co-Official Match Maker: Attack_Always_Attack

Co-Official Match Maker: Aboceline2013

Welcome to Young Legends, the club where you come in a name, and leave a 👑Legend. You could soon become as legendary as one of your idols! Our mission? To see our fellow members, from titled to someone who may be just starting out, come together and unite through chess. We will be engaging in vote chess matches, daily matches, and tournaments. We aren't just a competitive club, we are also a social club! So chat away! 


25 Members - ✅

50 Members - ✅

100 Members - ✅

200 Members - ✅

500 Members - Next Goal!

1000 Members -  


We currently have 2 titled members!!!