For those (new) members who missed out on this here is information given in the vids : Enjoy ! and learn to love our modest supergirl ! and here even deeper information (who really wants to know all about Connie) Have fun and enjoy !
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Amit85808 Jun 26, 2020
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Temuri_ss May 23, 2020
besides all the new stuff: *Bad Blood* and *All of me* ♥♥♥
“Hello,” the latest release from British chanteuse Adele, is an aptly titled break-up anthem designed to welcome fans back into the singer’s sometimes melancholic world ahead of the Nov. 20 release of her album “25.” The video for the song isn’t even one week old and it’s already a record buster on YouTube and Vevo. “Hello” hit YouTube on Friday, Oct. 23, and rapidly gained traction, racking up 50 million views within its first 48 hours, making it the biggest music video debut of the year. At just over 1 million views per hour, “Hello” is within spitting distance of one of the year’s fastest growing videos overall, the trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”At press time, the video has been viewed more than 92.5 million times, giving it one of the largest music video launch weeks of all time. The success of “Hello” flies in the face of received YouTuber wisdom, holding that regular content is the only way to ensure growth. While many mainstream stars have taken this advice to heart, engaging fans with a constant stream of bonus content, Adele’s YouTube channel has been entirely fallow for just over 3 years. The British chanteuse and her team haven’t uploaded a single video since 2012’s “Skyfall” lyric video, which made its debut on Oct. 18th of that year. While the rapid success of “Hello” certainly speaks to a well-orchestrated publicity campaign, it also serves as evidence of YouTube’s rapidly improving ability to accelerate content to massive audiences. The video also made waves for Vevo. The music-focused video platform handled the release of “Hello” as part of its partnership with Sony Music Group, the parent of Adele’s home label, Columbia Records. The video topped 27.7 million views in its first 24 hours giving it the largest Vevo debut to-date, topping the previous record holder, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” by 7.6 million views. The rapid rise of “Hello” is further proof of YouTube’s potentially seismic influence on the music industry. The company has struggled to articulate its vision for this dominance, as evidenced by the long-delayed launch of its proposed Spotify competitor Music Key. While that product has since been rolled into the release of SVOD product YouTube Red, it’s clear that YouTube will continue to swing a sizable bat with record labels. (copied from web news ) Pls listen also to Connie s amazing version : ♥♥♥
This groups SAis inactive. I shall run an election. Vote for who you want to win and ill message staff with results. Admins and members please support me ill help run invites, I love Connie Talbot
krista2040 May 5, 2017
So I've been thinking that Lisa has done sooo much for this group that she deserves a reward. This is why I've created this forum in recognition of her hard work. This forum is for people to comment on all the good things that Lisa has done. GO LISA!!!
Hi everyone ! Today is Connie's Big Day.. she is turning 15 ! If you wish to contact her go to in order to send your wishes ! On her homepage you will also find her accounts on youtube, twitter, facebook. ♥♥♥
So I've already heard from two people and they have both expressed interest in a tournament that this group should take part in. Myself and the other admins would be happy to create a tournament if it gets ENOUGH support from our members. So in this forum, those interested in a tournament, feel free to drop any suggestions of what you would like in this tounament such as settings and format. Thank you so much everyone and remember - this group is fun and we will do anything to make our members of the Connie Talbot Fan Club happy :)! PEACE EVERYONE!!!!!!
natarajdakoju Jan 26, 2016
Hello from the outside While Adele is breaking all-time records with her new hit song *Hello*, billboard has chosen the 11 best covers of this great song ! And Yeah...Surprise Surprise ! Our beautiful Connie made it ! We can be so proud of our super-super Girl. Moreover. You can tell she is famous !
EpicBlitzFail Nov 12, 2015
Go to google. Search for : *Connie Talbot Fan Club* And look what you get So people will find us without knowing
Doktor_Oleg Nov 5, 2015 New James Bond Theme song: Listen and enjoy
Rudimental70 Nov 1, 2015 Listen and compare You can compare ! Connie is the Best ♥♥♥ Enjoy and have fun :)))
EpicBlitzFail Oct 30, 2015