[4PC Variant]: Pawn Promotion


The standard behavior is that you can choose what you want (Q, R, B, N) and the pieces will have normal points value.

Alternatively you can set which piece all pawns will promote to, without players being able to choose.

  • Queen
  • Rook
  • Bishop
  • Knight
  • King: spare kings behave like regular pieces and are worth 3 points in ffa.
  • 1-point Queen


Premoving a promotion will choose a queen for you (if there is a choice). Antichess: King


You can also set which rank pawns will promote on. If not set, it will be 8th for FFA and 11th for Teams games.


So, you can promote a pawn to become a king? 

How does the checkmate work there? A player to be checkmated has to lose both kings?


You can't promote to a King (or a 1pt Q) in a regular game. only if promotion is set to =King, or it's Antichess.

If a player has multiple kings, only one of them is the real, vulnerable king. The other kings will behave like ordinary pieces. Think of them as knights that move like kings.

You can set a starting position with muliple kings but only one king will be the real king. You can't really tell other than by the legal move indicators which one is the real king wink.png, unless it's N-Check, where kings wear a number. It's usually not hard to figure out / keep track of.


In edit position, you will notice that the FEN4 is extended if multiple same color kings are detected:


you can set which ones are the real kings by editing the squares ("h1,a8,g14,n7-") in the Fen4 and clicking "Load".


Thanks for the info!


I'd actually like to allow promotion to kings in regular games. perphaps better once people have become familiar with these warrior kings. they are ecellent defenders btw. they also add a kind of camouflage to your real king, you might be able to confuse someone wink.png


¿Estas son propuestas o se va a modificar el juego de esta manera?


@LeinadCQ, it is a custom variant of 4 Player Chess. It will not become a part of the standard 4PC FFA/Teams rules. You can see the list of custom variants at https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/4pc-variants-list


With the next update this will become the default behavior of 4 player chess. However, =1ptQ/20pt checkmate will be the rules applied to rated games. (In teams you will be able to choose what you promote to.)

The idea is to have unrated games availiable so people can try out the new promotion rules, and other variants. If they are popular we will consider offering different rated games in the future.



LeinadCQ, I believe you asked about multiple kings of the same color. But if you asked about promotion to different pieces, read @_-__-__-___-'s answer.


@BabYagun,how do I make a club?