4PC Variants List


In addition to the main 4 Player Chess variants Solo, FFA and Teams, there are Rule Variants which can be combined into many different 4 Player Chess Variants: (Click the links to read the variants rules and discuss them in their dedicated topics.)

En passant and Dead King Walking (DKW) became standard rules from 21-May-2019.





Experiment by setting different rule variants in the Edit position tab (click "Start from here" when ready).


Rule variants are read from pgn4, for example

[Variant "FFA"]
[RuleVariants "DeadWall 6-check Prom=5 PromoteTo=B"]

Other valid RuleVariants: Chess960=N (N from 1-960), KotH, CaptureTheKing, Antichess, OppositeX=2, teammate=1 (or =3), blindfold, ghostboard

For a custom starting position:

[StartFen4 "..."]

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