A new way to join games


• Type C to toggle the list of games (or click the triangle in the top left corner). You can join up to 5 games.

Before you join a game, make sure you read and understand the rules! (see the List of variants.) Also pay attention if a game is rated or casual.

• As soon as 4 players join a game, it will start (and the 4 players leave other games they joined).

• For teams games, you can invite a partner. (The "Invite teammate" button is beside the join button)
• You can create your own game! (click the "+"). If you make it public it will show in the list and anyone can join. You can make your game rated (except if you set a custom starting position. If you have a fun starting position and want to it be on the list, post it in the forum, along with a name for it, and the admins will review it and put it on the list).


The number in the top left corner shows how many different players have joined at least one game (and will drop by 4 each time a game starts).


The list is sorted by number of players joined, so games will rise up as players join.

Games you joined will always be at the top of the list.


I like this a lot.


Very nice


Great job