BLM Chess Fundraiser


Hello Everyone!

I'm hosting a chess tournament in honor of the BLM movement. Given all that’s been going on, with the protests that have erupted across the country, we decided to do something that we can do to help support the community without physically exposing ourselves to COVID-19. If you’d like to play in the chess tournament, please join our club here. Our first tournament will be held Wednesday, June 24th at 1 PM, and there will be prizes available. There is no entry fee, but we do highly recommend that you donate to our selected nonprofit Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta, a Social Justice and Human Rights organization committed to Civic and Public Benefit. Even if you’re not interested in participating in our tournament, please consider donating and helping us meet our goal of $10,000. All donations are tax deductible and directly go to the nonprofit organization. To donate and find out more information about our chosen nonprofit, click here.

For more information, follow our Instagram account (@chessfundraiser_for_blacklives) and Facebook account (@Chess Fundraiser), or check out our website here. Have questions? Email us


The BLM Chess Fundraiser Team


Cool idea... but I believe that in times of quarantine... few will be able to contribute!👍


Do your research before supporting any organization.


I did do the research. Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta Inc (BLMGA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit Social justice and Human Rights organization. BLMGA will work to assist families, businesses, non-profit/profit organizations with the resolution of violations to their human rights. Such violations include but are not limited to harassment, racial profiling, and bullying, and the disparity in the public school system.






1d4_2-0 wrote:

Not all of us agree with BLM. Stop shoving your politics into our face.

Are you saying that ur anti black?





Black people have had to deal with racism in America for a long time, and it is not fair that they have to just deal with it. Burning things may have been an overreaction in some parts, but the police in America have not been fair with black people over time, even killing some people (e.g. George Floyd) so burning down police cars that have no people in them is just justice and a sign people won't have racism any more, it is showing the world that it won't do.

You cannot compare this with Trump, seeing as he called on his supporters to "storm the Capitol" to stop an elected opposition politician to take the job of president. The people who did that were breaking havoc everywhere and destroying everything, that is radical.

Are you saying you are anti BLM, Black civil rights and respect that they (and everyone in this world) deserves @ChillyChess2010


george sorrows may not be the best person but at least he wants social equality for black people.

and contributes