Draws for each round


This is the draw for the 1st round:-

Chess Unlimited* v Slavic Pride**
Srbija tim* v D'CHESSBOMB***
Flying Chess Team v Team Europe
World Chess Players*** v Chess Team Assassins*
ASIA* v Indian Marauders**
Team Philippines United v Team Romania
We Chat Global** v Creature Squad*
The Cool Boys & Girls Group*** v Chess Association*

Draw performed by 'er indoors or she that must be obeyed,my lovely wife,Julie Armiger.So any complaints about your draw then direct them to her,but I wouldn't advise it!!! LOLLaughing

First team shown are responsible for issuing the challenge and,please,properly read the tourney rules.

1st round dates:-

Issuing challenge 30/4/11
Accepting challenge 4/5/11
Starting match 11/5/11

All the above dates for each topic are the LATEST dates for you to implement them before you run into warning troubleSmile.

*1st round winners:-
Chess Team Assassins
Chess Association
Srbija tim
Chess Unlimited
Creature Squad

**Teams into "The Plate"1st round:-
Indian Marauders
Slavic Pride
We Chat Global

Withdrawn teams:-
Pinoy Chess Philippines

***Eliminated teams:-
World Chess Players
The Cool Boys & Girls Group


Why are Chess Association to playing two games?


Round 1, Match #2: Srbija tim v D'CHESSBOMB

Good luck!


How many players per side is it again?


30 now, ok :) Just making sure I wasn't sending the wrong challenge!


Chess Unlimited sent their match :)

Match Challenges Sent

Wallyjack's 16 Team KO Tourney Round1: Chess Unlimited v. Slavic Pride 30+ Open 3 days view

It's early to send invitation for chalenge now ?


Flying Chess Team vs Team Europe now open for registration:

World Chess Players v Chess Team Assassins


And here is the match itself, I was just showing you that I sent the match by the date required


Challenge accepted: Chess Unlimited  -  Slavic Pride


Team Philippines United v.s. Team Romania


You're welcome Mike.


Team Philippines United v.s. Team Romania


I did these twice but it says error. I dont know what happened. Maybe because Team Romania had challenged us instead of we should challenged them. We are the first team, so we have to challenge them but it went reversed. Do you think that is the reason?


I'll check this link at chess dot com tomorrow. It's too late here in NYC. It's 2:10AM friday early morning here. Good Night all.


Thank you for your help with the link Balachandar.

Please let me post the link again.

Team Philippines United v.s. Team Romania

Good luck to all,


Ray Duque III (GMBD), New York City



WCG vs Creatures


I have a NEW RULE, that i feel we should establish now! As you all know these games may take a year (or more) to FULLY complete, as most without a NO VACATION rule, and 3 day per move matches do!! BUT, long before that time, everyone knows who the winner of the TEAM MATCH is, well before it's official completion date! HOW? The first team to win ONLY ONE GAME over the 500 mark, is going to be the winner of the team match, no matter who wins all the rest of the games!  example: 100 games total! The first team to WIN 51 games, will WIN the team match, no matter who win the other 49 games is totally irrlevant to the out come of the team match! The team who gets to 51 wins first, WINS the TEAM MATCH! Now, here is the Question??? 

16 teams! what happens when we know for a fact who the 8 winning teams are? What if in 6 months, we know who the 8 teams are that are going to advance to the 2nd round are going to be???

EXAMPLE: DO WE HAVE TO WAIT A FULL YEAR FOR ALL THE GAMES TO COMPLETE, when we will know in 6 months exactly who the next 8 teams will be that will be playing in the next level of this tournament? 

CAN WE START LEVEL 2 of this TOURNAMENT as soon as we know who the next 8 team are that are Gauranteed to advance to level # 2 of this Tournament??

If we do not do this, it may take 3 years to OR MORE to complete thia TOURNAMENT!

I SAY WE MAKE A RULE NOW, THAT WHEN ALL 8 TEAMS have WON more than 50% of their games, that that we go forward and START LEVEL #2 of this tournament at that time! ALL IN FAVOR, say: AYE!

After 8 teams win over 50% of their games what is the sense of waiting another 6 months to a year to start level 2 of this Tournament! THE POINT IS MUTE! Please Lets Debate this! It makes sense! I have a team match, that the CHESS TEAM ASSASSINS won a year ago, and the match will not END because one person is still play one game soooooooooooooo slow! Lets not wait 2 years to start level 2  of this Tournament! It only makes COMMON SENSE to start level 2 when we know who the 8 teams are that are going to be playing in level # 2!!!! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!???????? FRED! 

I agree with Chess_Assassins that it seem reasonable trying to limit the tournament duration for each round.

Another method of doing that, is to scheduling the rounds, so that every round ends (for example) within at maximum 3 months, and the teams that have won the most individual games in their matches are promoted to next round.

My experience is that when more than 50 players per team participating the games continue at least 5-6 months and most often much longer (6-12 monyhs or even longer), and that would mean that it would take many years before this tournament finished.

So, I also suggest that we limit the rounds, for example to at maximum 3 months per round.


I find this suggestion very reasonable and time-saving. Moreover, I think that draw for the second round should take place after 7 (seven) of the matches are decided (note-not finished!). The only still not decided match could be drawn as "the winner of match TeamX-TeamY". In that way, without any impact on regularity,we're going to save considerable amount of time.