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Endgame's Tourneys - Series 2

  • #1

    The next series of tourneys will start in the next few weeks...actual date is still to be determined.  Hopefully everyone is having so much damn fun, they will want to play in this next series as well!

    We will be adding another section to try to close the rating gaps a bit.

    Also, please be sure to have played at least 5 rated games before the start of the tournament.

    If you have any questions or comments...let 'em fly!


  • #2

    It's like a dream come true! ;-)

  • #3

    awesome. keep em coming! not doing that hot this tournament, but maybe next one?!

  • #4

    If you guys keep playing, we'll keep these tourneys going!

  • #5
    RainbowRising wrote:

    With FREE Endgame t-shirts every time :O ?

     But of course!  :-)

  • #6

    You people are nuts.

  • #7
    oinquarki wrote:

    You people are nuts.

     Why?  :-)

  • #8

    lol You're just giving away free t-shirts!Laughing

  • #9

    It makes the tourneys a little more interesting!  Besides, you'll be so happy with us that we'll end up being bigger than Nike!   #illusionsofgrandeur

  • #10

    When will be next series ?

  • #11

    I'll be ready !

  • #12

    Boom!!  I'm here!!  Things get a little crazy from time to time in my non-chess life that require me to take little breaks, but the game goes on!!!

    The invites for Series 2 will go out this weekend so keep yo eyes open!

    Thanks for playing, everyone!!!


  • #13

    Hi everyone, I just cleared my first 5 rated games so please count me in for the new tourney Smile

  • #14
    disco2000_ wrote:

    Hi everyone, I just cleared my first 5 rated games so please count me in for the new tourney

    You got it, Disco...an invite will appear shortly.

  • #15

    Hey All!

    Please hang in there...we are playing catch-up around here and haven't been able to send out the invitations yet...but they will be coming soon...I promise!!  :-)

  • #16
    RainbowRising wrote:

    So whats this round two with the 1700-2000 catagory ?? Were there just too many players in that section for it to be a single round only?

    Exactly.  I think anything over 10 players goes to a second round.  This is one of the things I'm trying to research more before the Series 2 tourneys. 

  • #17

    Series 2 invites have been sent!

    Be sure to RSVP by Sept 30. 

    Good luck!


  • #18

    Same for me. No invite yet.


  • #19
    vesteria wrote:

    Same for me. No invite yet.


    Hey Vesteria...sorry about that...invite sent.

  • #20
    ArefGambito wrote:


    i just checked my inbox. but i didn't receivie any Tourney invitation. will you please send me one?

    thank you

    Hey Aref...you are unrated...if you play some games on the turn-based side, we can get you into Series 3.

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