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Good Guy/Bad Guy

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    Is there a Good Guy and a Bad Guy in the World Championship Match?  Do Veselin Topalov and Viswanathan Anand represent polar opposites of any aspect of decorum?  What is the view of most people who are not Bulgarian and not Indian?

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    I see Vishy as the good guy and Topalov as the bad guy for sure

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    Might I ask what Topalov has done to deserve "bad guy" status? And what Anad has done to deserve "good guy" status?

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    Well, Topalov earned it during the match with Kramnik by accusing him of cheating when he couldn't prove it. And Anand is considered the good guy for lack of suspicious activity. Also, with the recent denial of the postponing the match when Anand clearly has good reason for it, Topalov didn't earn any goodwill point in the chess world.

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    depends on what you think of topalov and the bulgarian chess org.


    Anand is obviously a "good guy", not necessarily "the" good guy.


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