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Group clean-up

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    I see that safetybaer's account was closed.  I'm not going to assume that he did anything wrong, unless he chooses to admit as much.  But since his account is closed, shouldn't we go ahead and delete it from the group?  No use letting a closed account sit around.

    I also noticed that two of our older member's account are long closed: jancok, and pb26305771.

    I'll go ahead and clean up the accounts in a few days unless someone speaks up with a reason not to.

    Finally, I noticed that Chuzzlechamp, our founder, stated that he has left chess.com.  Chuzzle, if you read this, let us know if you still want to be active in the group.


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    ok Stuart sounds good to me We are all super admins and I agree with any decision that is made.

    I just dropped a message to safetybaer the other day congratulating him on the win he had in game one of our match I did not know anything.

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    All done.

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    I second the motion..


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