January Special Event


Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 23rd.

We will be trying something a bit different than the automated tourneys. This will be a manually ran event, utilizing the group forum and chat room in Live.


Time Control: 12|3
Rounds: 5
Sections: Open, U1400

Parings: Will be based on the most recent active (not published) USCF ratings, not Ratings used will be in the following order (if you don't have a higher priority one, a  lower priority one will take precedence):


  • Online Quick
  • OTB Quick
  • Online Blitz
  • OTB Blitz
  • Regular
  • Unrated, Open section only, use ratings for pairing (Standard, then blitz).

If you are completely unrated for the USCF, you will be placed in the Open, however, pairings will be done using your ratings, Live Standard if you have one, Live Blitz if not.

Pairings will be posted in a separate forum the day of the tourney.

Registration: Please pre-register with me, via PM or via the registration forum ( by 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific on January 23rd, to give me time to have all registered players placed in the paring software.


Rounds: I will try my best to hold to these times. Since this is the first time doing this, we may be a little off.

  • Round 1:  9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern
  • Round 2:  9:50 AM Pacific, 12:50 PM Eastern
  • Round 3:  10:40 AM Pacific, 1:40 PM Eastern
  • Round 4:  11:30 AM Pacific, 2:30 PM Eastern
  • Round 5:  12:30 PM Pacific, 3:20 PM Eastern

Byes: Other than, odd-player byes, One 1/2 point bye is available in any round if committed to in advance of the tourney (in the registration forum or via PM to me).  This will be for prize/place purposes only and may not be reflected in the USCF crosstable.


Tie-breaks: We will use standard USCF tie-breaks for any ties, not the standard Neustadtl score.


Prizes: The top player in each section will be eligible to win a T-Shirt.




I have added some instructions on how it will work on the the day of the tourney.


Times are both

I'll update.

hsong1 wrote:

Will it be rated as Online quick in your USCF? 


Yes, Online Quick.


Yes. I'll post some other details later but everything will be manual. I'll post pairings,  everyone will need to join the Live US Chess group chat room and we'll have one player in each pairing (probably white) issue the challenge.


I'm going to need to check some things to document the actual process.



Most of the ones in the Pacific time zone are AM, Eastern, PM


No, what?


It is in the afternoon. You know, lunch time

That was the best time available for me on that Saturday and I planned it to end before the ICC tourney that day for the members that may want to play in both.


Dude, it starts 11:00 AM central standard time. Ends at about 3:00 PM


is it regular uscf rated too?


USCF Online Quick rated.


Based on the way challenges work, it won't be rated though. 

hsong1 wrote:

So it is in the afternoon? 


I can understand how my initial post could have  been confusing but the actual times are listed now so it should be clear.


This is an excellent idea. I'd rather be paired on my USCF rating if the event is going to affect my USCF rating. Can't make it that particular day, but good luck with it.


The tourney will not be automated in Live. I will use USCF ratings (in the order listed in the first post) for paring and prize purposes. The only way the ratings will be used is if someone has no USCF rating.


I will generate the pairings, post them in a forum and then challenges will have to be issued and games played. I'll post more later (by the end of the week probably) and will repost the morning of the tourney.


yes. i might join do i have enough time to join like say the end of the week? if i do i think it will be in the open becuase im over 1400 in online quick


You can join up until an hour before the tourney. I will have most everything entered in the computer by then and will use that time to add any stragglers.


And yes, it will be played in Live. We'll just have to manually issue challenges and due to the way Live works, they will be unrated on


Wow Martin way to go!  Great idea, unfortunately for me I have a prior commitment on this day until the evening.


Yeah, though I ran it by Danny. 


I have a USCF provisional rating, will you be using that, or will I be placed based on my rating?


By the way, thanks, I really like this!  I hope it goes well and you keep doing it every so often.  Weekend tournaments are so much better for some of us on the West coast who work, since 5pm Friday tournaments are impossible.