Judit Polgar vs. Garry Kasparov


In September 2002, in the Russia versus the Rest of the World Match, Polgár finally defeated Garry Kasparov in a game. The tournament was played under rapid rules with 25 minutes per game and a 10 second bonus per move. She won the game with exceptional positional play. Kasparov with black chose the Berlin Defence instead of his usual Sicilian

and Polgár proceeded with a line which Kasparov has used himself. Polgár was able to attack with her rooks on Kasparov's king which was still in the centre of the board and when he was two pawns down, Kasparov resigned. The game helped the World team win the match 52–48. Upon resigning, Kasparov immediately left by a passageway barred to journalists and photographers. Kasparov had once described Polgár as a "circus puppet" and asserted that women chess players should stick to having children. Polgár called the game, "One of the most remarkable moments of my career. Polgár thus became one of the players who have beaten Kasparov. The game was historic as it was the first time in chess history that a female player beat the world's No. 1 player in competitive play.


Great Judit! Why some (few) man in this world continue to believe that women are inferior?


Hurted manly pride, maybe, the generation of men that feel threatened/embarassed of female strength in mens more traditionally areas, and feel it as defeat!

Myself, a 57-age man, has come to the acknowledgement : NEVER UNDERSESTIMATE female mindpower, glory to Judith Polgar!Cool


sounds like Kasparov is the real circus puppet.


Could you please tell me why Kasparov resigned?




43. Rxa7 Kb8 44. Raf7 Rxf7 45. Rxf7 Rh8 46. f4 Kc8 47. b3 Rh3+ 48. Ke4 Kd8 49. Rb7 Rh6 50. f5 Kc8 51. Re7 Kd8 52. Re6 Rh2 53. Rxb6 Rxa2 54. Kd5 Kc7 55. Kxc5 Ra5+ 56. Rb5 Ra1 57. Kd5 Kd7 58. Rb7+ Kd8 59. c5 Rf1 60. Ke6 Re1+ 61. Kf6 Kc8 62. Rg7 Rb1 63. Ke6 Re1+ 64. Kd6 Rd1+ 65. Kc6 Kd8 66. b4 Rf1 67. b5 Ke8 68. b6 Kf8 69. Ra7 Rb1 70. b7 Rb3 71. Ra8+ Kf7 72. b8=Q Rxb8 73. Rxb8 Ke7 74. Kd5 Kf6 75. c6 Kg5 76. c7 Kf4 77. c8=Q Kg3 78. Qc3+ Kg4 79. Rg8+ Kf4 80. Qg3+  *


I don't think that's it. 44. Rd5+ Kf3 45. Rd8. Probably 44. Rb7+ Kc8 45. Rxb6 f5Rxf2 and if black wants the b pawn he'll have to simplify to a losing endgame.