October 2014 Issue


Oops! I totally forgot about our monthly forum where we talk and discuss the Bulletin, and obviously you all missed it so much Tongue Out

Anyway, another Bulletin, another great article by Dejan Bojkov. Have you guys seen that Dejan is now doing regular analysis of the games embedded in Peter Dogger's news posts?

Dejan will be doing this for roughly 8-10 popular news posts a month! More high level chess content for ambitious players (like you Bullet subscribers). His review of the best games of September was great!

David Smerdon gave some of the best answers to any Beyond the Board interview yet. For sure. I was literally laughing out loud (I think that's LLOLing if you're keeping track at home Wink). 

I think the most enjoyable read overall though was Gawain Jones' article on the 5.g4 Philidor. Topical. Tactical. Exciting. Great work!

I'm not going to over-kill this since we are a month behind and likely, most are looking forward to the November Bulletin by now anyway. 

Please continue to submit your games to be analyzed by Roman though! With analysis of course!