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Oliver Barbosa became the third Filipino super Grandmaster

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    Oliver Barbosa became the third Filipino super Grandmaster after he ruled the 10th Parsvnath International Grandmasters Chess Tournament in New Delhi, India on Monday.



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    Hi mitto, great post.  You picked an important event from all the action going on right now.  

    A question someone posited: Where does Gibraltar rank among elite events?  

    My eyes will be on the Tata Steel final round on Sunday.

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    nice!! Phillipines chess has a long and great history ... Eugenio Torre was a great friend of Bobby Fischer and a very strong GM in his own right.  I remember when Karpov v Korchnoi was played in Manilla back in the 70's it was like a spy novel or something!  

    So what's the chess scene like these days in the Phillipines?

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    what's the difference between a grandmaster and a supergrandmaster?

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    200 pts tends to denote a difference in class.  If 2500 is a GM, then 2700 would be a super GM.  Until recently, there were few players above 2700.  There is no actual title of super GM.  See http://www.2700chess.com/ for up to date ratings.  Good to have you in the group TheSingingCricket!

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    Yes, thanks for the invite! good to know. I found the answer after reading the article, but I appreciate your response. Looking forward to learning more about the inner workings of the top levels of chess.


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