Only a few weeks until the new season


Can it really be? Summer is closing fast and it is time to dust off the chessboard and begin preparations for the battles to come. Me? I am looking at something new for Black - but I could not possibly saynull what.


The Banbury Chess Club on are about to start playing as a club in local leagues. Apologies but this means we do now need to limit membership to those who were existing  members of the club when we were actually meeting on Thursday nights. If you are living in the Banbury area and do wish to play across the board chess once we are able to again, please do contact us to be reinstated. 

We need to do this as we are assigning players for the matches being arranged and cant afford issues with who actually signs up as this is open to any club member. Anyone playing in the matches must be a paid up member of the ECF. If you are removed and wish to rejoin then contact us. or me direct;y on