Problems with Puzzle in the newest release


I have the Testflight new iOS interface for the app, I'm using an iPad, and I'm coming here to report three items on puzzles:

  1. When you get a problem correct, you don't see the rating of the puzzle, but you do see it if you get the problem incorrect
  2. There's no option to "redo" the puzzle. (I like to do that sometimes when a) I want the practice; or b) I want to take a screen shot)
  3. Every once in a while, the first puzzle of a series I'm going says "black to move" when it actually is "white to move". I can't recreate it.  I've done a lot of small sessions -- it's only happened to me twice.  (most recently with puzzle 1490818 about an hour ago).  

If this is not the correct forum, can somebody point me to the correct one?