scandanavian gambit?


Usually, when i play e4 and face 2 d5 i play 2 d4 heading to the BDG, but i saw this not too long ago and wondered if anyone has tried it before. calls it the Leonhardt gambit, it's also called the Miese-Kotr...something gambit as well. 


Interesting, I actually have never thought of this.



Looks like white hits the queen with Rb1 if black takes the pawn, then Qd6 is the typical response.  Not sure where white's compensation is or where it goes after that.  Mainly, i wonder what can happen if black goes wrong and how fast it can happen.  Always love a quick mate :)


This is an idea that has merit, but it's too early in the first diagram to work. Andrew Martin made a good case in one of his Scandi videos that Black maybe should avoid encouraging the gambit in this fashion.