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Shabalov Attack vote game

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    The group Sac and Attack is holding a thematic vote chess game in the Semi-Slav Shabalov Attack.  Gambit Gang members are welcome to join the group, and participate in the game if you are interested.

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    This would be my first participation in vote chess. What's involved here ?

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    You join the group, click on Vote Chess on their profile page, and then click on the game marked "Shabalov." You join the game itself, by clicking on your team name under "Join Vote Chess Game" on the right of the game page.  Once you are in the Team Comments section, put a tick in the box down at the bottom marked "Notify me of New Comments."  In Team Comments, usually, for the first 24 hours, you discuss what move to play with your team mates, and then once a consensus is reached, you vote.  Vote Chess is a chance to get to know your team mates, and also learn something in the process as you compare your ideas with theirs on what the best move is.   Great fun.


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