Slaughter with the Soller


Here's a recent Soller Gambit I've played.




I just joined this site, first post!

Just want to say thankyou for starting this group!!  I am useless at defensive attack, always take the old "best defence is the offense" tactic!

Lookin forward to looking at these gambits in more detail.  I like this one, I'm always looking for a non-boring answer to 1.d4   ha!

I once brought a book called "The counter gambit: Play black and win"  I'll try dig it out and maybe post something on here.



Heh, well the really funny part is that I am mainly a positional player.  My tactics are not the sharpest by a long shot.  I do like playing gambits though, and my favorites are Queen's Gambit and King's Gambit.

My normal response to 1. d4 is the Dutch (1. f5).


hmm, f5 you say.  Could be a nice treat for me.

at the moment I am trying as black  1.d4 d5 2. c4 e5 ...  with veiw to march forward the queens pawn.  It can make interesting games.  :)


2. e5.......the Albin Countergambit.  I've seen that only a couple times.  It didn't turn out well for me.  I'm not experienced on it.


I love tearing apart the Dutch with 2. h3