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The Chess Olympics - Vote Chess Olympics Guidelines

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    The Chess Olympics - Vote Chess Olympics Guidelines

    Below are the rules and regulations for The Chess Olympics. It is imperative that these regulations be abided at all times. 



    1. The Vote Chess Olympics will start on October 10, 2012. Before the starting date, please make sure that you have firm contact with your opponents. Vote Chess games MUST BE 10 minutes per move.

    2. Your team and your opponent should be done with your vote chess olympics before October 17, 2012. 

    3. When your vote chess olympic match ends, please let us know so we can mark it on your score. (evidence needed)

    4. Make sure that your team has done more than 2 SVC Wins to be able to participate in the Vote Chess Olympics.


    1. Each group will be placed in one of the 3 sections. Your group will be placed in a section which is determined from your number of members, number of SVC wins, 

    2. These are the three sections - 

    Section A - Groups w/members less than 200,  20 vote chess points

    Section B - Groups w/members from 200-500,  100 vote chess points

    Section C - Groups w/members from 500-1000, 250 vote chess points 


    Thank you and may the best team win!

    ~ CalbaMan [Co-Founder] and The_Chess_Ninja [Co-Founder]

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