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tournaments in miami

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    so lately I've been thinking about the lack of chess tournaments  and otb play in miami.  i look at orlando for example and they have a pretty consistent schedule with the central florida chess club.  my question is, how could we in miami have more opportunities to play? could we set up weekly tournaments? i'm looking for ideas to see what we can do.  the only place right now that gets close is the chess academy on 8th st, but even then, it's closed often and the only tourneys are sunday and they don't always take place.  i would appreciate everyone's input.

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    MICA is the only location that I know of that is solely dedicated to chess. Now my opinion is that as chess enthusiast we can create a new group based from Miami. There are plenty of questions such as location, name, size, etc that need to be addressed. With these basic questions taken care of and we have a local identity we can ask for additional help from the state's local chess chapters.

    Also, anissue I've encountered ever since I've been tyring to host meets is that time is very limited and coming out to playlive is difficult for most (hence why we all mostly play online). This is simply my input from my experience through this site and my own research. I can guarantee though that there are plenty of more players outside this group in Miami.

    This idea is very likely with someone who can host allot more then I can, has a sound location to dedicate to playing and can continuously find time to better organize the group.

    I will help you with what I can, so count me in for assistance and ideas.



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    well i'm absolutely up to any plans going on for otb chess i always enjoy that kind of chess then online.

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    Hi Mariog and Izzy , I would love to get together maybe once every 2 weeks and play otb but we have to find a place and then a day and time that is convenient for all interested , let's see during the week at night or early morning on weekends.

    Lets see if we get any other members interested. 

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    buettn8 wrote:


    Lets try to stay away from the negativity, buettn8, trying to motivate interested parties isn't easy for you or anyone else. Perhaps instead of blaming others for not showing you should adjust your wording and use a different approach.

    Team I have started the process to host OTBmeets once a month at the pine-crest library on the last Wednesday of the month, time would be in the evenings (6:30pm - 8:50pm) with usage of there very nice conference room. We will have boards and clocks available for our playing. I also want us to start a rating system for live games. Who can help me create that? Please provide me with any news ideas for our next meet. Such as tournaments, thematic games?

    So I have found one place at least once a month who else can provide a location to play, that can accommodate up to 10 players?

    Thanks SFC.

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    I think that the Miami Chess Academy is a good idea. They regularly hold the Sunday G/30 tournaments, and if enough people show up they would not cancel them. If enough people from this group agree to show up on a given Sunday, then the chances that the tournament will take place are high, and the games are rated which is also good thing.

    I'm planning on going next Sunday, since I have a goal of playing a rated tournament game every 2 months this year.

    BTW, If anyone in the Miami Beach area wants to play informal OTB games once per week, let me know.

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    JoseO wrote:

    The only places that I know that have any sort of regular OTB chess would be either the Miami Chess Academy or the Kendall Library where there is a chess club for kids.

    I dont go to MICA anymore but I do remember that when I used to go, there were some good players and a hobby player like myself would just watch games rather than play since most players were too strong for me to do well against them.

     Yeah Jose, There are great players at MICA and watching them is natural, cause one wants to learn. The meets at the Kendall library aren't very productive, if you haven't see the event I created we will meet on the 27Th at the pine-crest branch library, hopefully you can make it. Just keep your eye out for any news / events on our website allot of us are trying to play more over the board.

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    What would we need besides a location if I could find a location. Does anyone have access to multiple boards, pieces, tables etc..?

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    This club lacks communication and some enthusiasm. I might be able to find a location, but I would need to know how many people we're talking about? Also what about the boards and pieces does everyone have their own?

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    Lots of communicationa and serious enthusiasm. I can go, to any meet around the miami area. I have a tournament size heavy weighted travel set.

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    South florida chess heres a chess tournament to be held north of Miami.


    I suggest contacting the person setting it up for confirmation.

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    we play everyday for fun at starbucks on penssylvania and lincoln road starting at 4 or 5pm usually gets packed on mondays.. if you come by ask to see if im there, max. there are cool people and decent players

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    so did all the hopes die out?

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    Me and a group play OTB consistently (around 8 people), but the chance of new opponents is something i'm definitely interested in. I don't mind driving to whatever location, so please keep me and everyone updated. I have my own board and clock, same goes for my friends.

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    r there still miami tournaments for this 2013 summer? please reply soon

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    boca chess is the best

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    SpicyJalapeno wrote:

    boca chess is the best

    go on their website www.bocachess.com


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