Ab Imo Pectore

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This is Ab Imo Pectore, a very active international group to play chess. We organise Team Matches, Tournaments and Vote Chess. The club focus is on daily matches. Everyone is welcome here. There is an exception, NO cheaters! We play chess because we love it. If we lose, we do it with pride in the knowledge to have given our best. A defeat is always a chance to learn something. We do not take everything so seriously. We always treat our opponents with respect and decency. This is Ab Imo Pectore - With total conviction. We are actively challenging for titles during the 2021 season, compete in different World Chess Olympiad events, New Wave League and many other top tournaments too. We would be happy if you join, but before you join please be sure that you are an active member playing our matches and/or votechess.


(All applications to join will be considered. Requirements include 3 months on Chesscom and the completion of at least 10 daily chess games).