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Hii! I hope you are having a great day! I am @AngelaPlayzChess and I am a YouTuber (Well... a not famous one yet). If you accept this invite, you can (you do not have to) subscribe to my channel, like and share and you have a chance to be friends with me and bond with others. This club is also to make friends, have fun, chill, respect others, not judging others and having a chance to be in one of my videos.


DISCLAMER: This club is not suitable for roleplay. This club is required to join if you want a logo from me and know a lot more about me. Bullying and being violent with each other will not be tolerated. (PERMANENT BAN)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read the CLUB DESCRIPTION once you get accepted to be in this club!



There will be:


- Official forums that I will be making (The letters/words/sentences will be in rainbow if the forum is an official forum)


- Announcements about special things (Examples can be member goals, holidays, date goals [date goals meaning that for example, "this club has existed for 1 year"] and so much more!)


- Tournaments for member goals and then me vs the top 3-5 people and posted on YouTube (If you are not comfortable, that is totally okay, just message me.)


- Most importantly, club rules (To prevent something bad)


- Club description (Upcoming videos, forum links to other important things, etc...)


- Vote chess, daily matches, tournaments, etc... 


- Forums that you can share the most exciting things that you have done so far! (Achievements, medals, brilliant moves, stories, etc...) But please. No posting about hating others and exposing them and no posting someone blocking you and asking them to unblock you. Instead, send it to me and I will deal with it.


- Friends that you can bond with! (There are over 600 people you can talk to and get alone with in here!)


- Videos from other peoples YouTube channels! Yes, there are other people who are YouTubers in my club. They can be more famous, some less. But it does not matter. What matters is that we are having fun and exploring other new and exciting things.


- Buddy Meters! Polls! (Get to know each other better and just have fun! Even mine, so if you want to try my buddy meter and poll, join this club now!)


- A chance to be in my YouTube video! During events when I reach a certain amount of members! But if you ask anyways, as long as you practice, you will probably most likely still have a chance alone.


Also, if you are from the LGBTQ +, this is also a safe place to stay! Same goes for anyone including you such as religion. Being different is what makes you beautiful, and in my opinion, different is the synonym of beautiful even if it is not. So no need to worry about people judging you. Even if there is judgement, it is their opinion. You can always talk to me. Just, do not cause a fight just because something wrong happened. Also, if you have depression or something that you have been struggling with, you can also talk to me. I just like helping people and I want to help more people in the future when I am older.


So, are you going to join? If yes, welcome to the club! You have access to get to know more about me and some exciting things awaiting for you. If no, then that is okay, if is your choice. Just hopefully that this short public description did not waste your time. So what is your choice? 


Have a nice day!!! (If you are actually joining and if you want to put the club banner in your bio, well.... heh heh... the club banner has not existed yet.. BUT! It will be soon. When I finish some other things. I make things from Canva sooooo... yeah.)