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Merry Christmas - B&M 2023!

A community of players of all levels to get together to learn from each other.
Beginners & Masters is a teaching club for players of all levels to help one another grow and develop their chess game. Members are encouraged to ask questions, share advice and tips, as well as play higher ranked members in unrated games to be exposed to higher level and quality of play.

Beginners & Masters was created with the idea in mind that lower level players can learn from high level player's by playing them in games, asking them questions, and being exposed to high level ideas.

Our club is open to members of all ratings, but we ask members to be active and interested in helping others. 

If you love teaching chess, helping others grow, and want to teach, Beginners & Master's is the club for you!

If you're a beginner who's interested in becoming a better chess player, Beginners & Master's is the club for you!

Many clubs may try to copy, but there is only one Beginners & Masters. 

Created 2020 by @Viznik