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Chess Unlimited

Chess Unlimited

Gegründet: 01.04.2008
Mitglieder: 11.917
Chess Unlimited was formed in 2008 as one of the earliest formed teams on chess.com. Over the years, Chess Unlimited has seen many changes and has grown to attain its massive size. More so important than the sheer size of our team is our membership. We are competitive chess players, we are easy going chess players, we are international, yet we are all members of a team that participates in fierce team matches, unified vote chess, and fosters forum discussion. Our two current sister groups are Unlimited Chess960 and King's Gambit Players


  • Online vor 6 Stunden

    WASTE-FELLO WASTE-FELLO | International

    Club beigetreten: 14.05.2016

  • Online vor 6 Stunden

    Missileman | International

    Club beigetreten: 19.12.2015


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