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  • Hello everyone! We WELCOME everyone who wanna join this club!!


We made an Insane achievement, Our team is the fastest team ever to reach 500 members. We reached 500 members in 29 days and 1000 members in 90 (lol it's a lie!!  ) days which is insane to be honest. Dont you wanna be a part of such growing active family?! I promise everyone's active and everyone will make you laugh in notes and chat. We have soo many tournaments, matches etc. I hope you enjoy. Read more below to know everything about us.


We have all kinds of activities, including live matches, daily matches, live tournaments, daily tournaments, vote chess, and daily puzzles! The daily puzzles include beginner and mastery puzzles! We love chess and everything positive in life. And we like to chat and have  fun. also, Happy Halloween!


  • We promise you will make lots of new friends here! 
  • We promise you will have fun! 
  • We promise you'll be surrounded by good people! 


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Lol we love to rickroll

ban appeals--> Ban appeals