Queens and Kings Chess Club

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Welcome to our page.
Here you can indulge your passion for chess.
Indeed, if you enter our magnificent fortress of kings and queens, you'll have the opportunity to show everyone that you now belong to our brotherhood.
And it's on the chessboard that you'll earn your letters of nobility, winning games and tournaments within the club.
Why stay outside closed doors?
Join the club, if the doors are open to you, or ask to join.
You can play for the club.
And wear the club's colors high.
We'll be a very active club, no doubt about it, for your entertainment and your games on the chessboard.
Here, we'll have daily tournaments, voting tournaments, in-house tournaments, music, puzzles and much more.
And a great atmosphere for making new friends and chatting, if you like.
We need you, and your support will be much appreciated.
So don't wait any longer. Join us.
We don't accept spammers, cheats or abusive members.