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Hii everyone !! 🌹

There is a saying that "Love & Rose can't be ignored" because it gives us beautiful feeling which we cant get from anyother so same as that I'm sure when u join in our club "Rosie" u will find it more beautiful world inside it having people sharing the different positive opinions who there not only for game purpose but real friendship feeling, expressing love of happiness & making ur life better being with u as Rose with its beauty

Some people grumble that "roses have thorns" yh every single does have thorns in beautiful rose but I am grateful that "thorns have roses” which means that in our life many people sees the negative side more rather than enjoying the beautiful part around, we gonna make u see the beautiful n happiness part in ur life by spreading the fragrance of rose beauty

Be a part of Rosie for getting the positive vibes around though thorns r there on the way in ur life we gonna make u see only the beautiful petals around which makes ur life bloom of happiness spreading the Love of Rosie

We also provide different club matches i.e. Daily Match Tournaments, Vote Chess, Live Match Tournaments n many more to come

Live Tournament Matches:

Monday: Crazyhouse

Tuesday: 3 Check

Thursday: King of the hill

Friday: Bughouse

Saturday & Sunday: Rapid, Blitz, Bullet