Team USA Live

Welcome to Team USA Live!

Team USA Live exists to compete against other nations in the Live Chess World League and the Pan American Live Chess League. The time controls for these leagues include Rapid (15+2 or 10+2), Blitz (5+2), and Bullet (2+1).

If your goal is to compete in Daily Chess, you are encouraged to also join Team USA, which competes in the World League and Chess960 World league. You may belong to both Team USA Live and Team USA, if you wish.

In addition, both these clubs provide a warm, inviting, and respectful team environment based on our common love for the beautiful game of chess.

Since we're an active and competitive team, we do have a few member guidelines:

  • Your profile should display the American Flag or the flag of one of the U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, or U.S. Virgin Islands).
  • Your account must have been open for a minimum of 2 months.
  • You should have completed 20 Live games in any combination of Rapid, Blitz, or Bullet time controls.

If you meet the guidelines and are ready to play for our great team, then join us today!