Team WFM Monika

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Welcome to Team WFM Monika!

We are really glad you love chess and the beauty of the game. If you appreciate the art and strategy of the game of Kings, then our Queen would like your help.


Ever wanted to really speak to a World Master chess player who is open and honest enough to reply to you? Or to play chess on her chess team whether you are a beginner or an expert? Here you can really communicate and be a part of Lithuanian WFM Monika's great chess team!


In our group, we do daily matches, vote chess and many more! We also take part in the league competitions as we are currently participating in One World League 2023 (1WL) OPEN15 and U1200-5+ as well!


Following requirements to join our awesome group:

  • Your account must be at least 3 months or older
  • You must play at least 10 daily games to have your real strength of rating
  • Percentage of timeouts must be no more 5% and no recent time loss forfeits
  • Anyone who is a member of 50 clubs or more, the request to join our group will be declined


We look forward to having you and that you will have loads of fun playing for our team! What are you waiting for? wink.png