Up The Cherries

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Thank you for stopping by and please allow me to introduce Up the Cherries. We are a friendly but active group and are for players of all standards from beginner to expert. Although still quite small compared to some, we are ambitious and so are looking for players like yourself to join us and help us grow. We are now one of the top 175 points scoring groups on chess.com but aim to go much higher than that.
Should you decide to join us, then it will be up to you just how much you want to play. You will never have to wait long for a game, but it will be your choice as to when and how often you play.  We play in both Daily Chess and Chess960 in the 1WL (One World League) and TMCL (Team Match Champions League) with teams at Open, Under 1800, Under 1600, Under 1400 and Under 1200 levels.
So do please very feel welcome to come in and join us.