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You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you

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Random stuffs;

I thought about saying "the cops", but this wasn't the time for bad jokes.

 The way I see it there's two types of people, those who spend their lives trying to build a future and those who spend their lives trying to rebuild the past.

[my idiot team mate shouting in Portuguese] me: Haven't you figured this out yet? I DON'T SPEAK YOUR HECKKITY LANGUAGE!

so,i guess i have become what they wanted me to become,a killer. some rent clowns with guns who put holes in another bad guys .well,thats what they have paid for,so in the end thats what they got. say what u want about americans,but we understand capitalism,u buy urself a product and u get what u pay for.and the chumps have paid forangry gindo without sensibility to know right from here i was,about to execute the poor guy like some dime store angel of death and i realised they were correct

me: [hitting the elevator button]  So what am I, the button pusher?

friend : Yeah, you're so good at it. Good job.

Important note: I hate hoomans who ask me can u be my bf the moment they meets me!IDM if u ask me after 2 or 3 days.

I will not be online for 2 reasons :

1. Im busy

2. I am bored of arguing withbmai kaspersky for an hour everyday before it let me use chess.com 

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Animal cruelity

All living things have a right to live on this Earth but, we, very often become, totally, insensitive to their pain, only because animal can’t speak the language of humans, they don’t have a voice.
Animals and birds, just like us have sense organs to feel pain and love.
Many animals like cow, goat, sheep, hen, fishes, rabbits etc are slaughtered for meat, eggs of ducks and hens are taken away and sold as food, the wool of sheep is taken for leather, various other animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, mouse, frogs etc are slaughtered for research and experimental purposes. Animal sacrifice for the sake of religious practices are also in vogue for many centuries. Apart from that, birds are caged for entertainment, horses, camels, elephants, donkeys etc are treated badly for carrying loads on their back, various animals are tortured for entertainment in circus etc. Such cruelty towards animals must be stopped and they should be allowed to survive in peace and harmony just like us. Animals are sentient creatures who deserve our respect and protection. Every 60 seconds, one animal suffers abuse. Each year, over 100 million animaps are killed f0r their fur.7.8 billions animals are killed very year for food. So,its high time we take step to conserve the bio-diversity the nature gifted us with.

-penguin (badblue1)

Do you know how much harm pollution causes to animals, nature, and everything else in the world? If you don't, read on! Pollution can injure, if not worse, animals all over da world. Do you know how? Do you WANT to know? Well, you should, because would u like to suffer from a plastic bag? (Ik that sounds pathetic, but try thinking... smaller. If you were a sea turtle, maybe?) Would YOU want to get killed by a knife on the grass? Do YOU want to get injured because you choked on a piece of string? Animals all around the world get to experience ALL OF THAT STUFF... because of you. Yes, you, reading my bio rn. You may be thinking" oh, this article is fascinating, full of JUNK AND FICTION THINGYS! But no. This article/bio is not a made-up story, for every animal on Earth is facing your biggest fear: coming close to death.
You might be thinking, pollution can't change the whole entire world! And, if you were, then u are the worst person in the whole universe! (not exactly, tho. Some people might be worse. BUT DAT'S NOT DA POINT!) Think of it like this: if you were a turtle, and you were just swimming peacefully in the ocean... WHEN, SUDDENLY, A PLASTIC BAG WRPAS ITSELF AROUND YOU AND YOU START SEEING STRANGE LIGHTS... and you die. For nothing but being innocent. Would you like that? Well, the animals that are suffering at THIS MOMENT do not. THIS SECOND, when you are reading my paragraph, is the time for death for animals. But you can change the Earth... by reducing pollution! Easy peasy as squeezing a lemon, right? Just don't throw garbage on the ground. Instead, recycle recyclable items. One small step can change our great Earth... into a happy, peaceful, non-death-related, and LIVING Earth! You just need to participate in this step-by-step world to show Mother Nature that you really care. :3 :

By mai friend @KUUDER3

Zometimez thingz have to get worze before they get better. -Keefe Sencen

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