Hello chess friends! My name is Milos Lapcevic, I am experienced International Master and graduated Mathematician. I am both a player and teacher who really enjoy playing blitz games on this awesome site! I believe chess is a good way for anyone to strengthen their character, learn how to make important decisions for a limited time, and develop analytical and logical way of thinking.  If you want to get deeper into the chess mastery, you need to work diligently, whereas I can support you with my 20 years experience in playing chess (almost 15 years in the strong tournaments) and with a five years of experience in teaching young and club level chess players as well.

It is preferable if you could send me all your recent games (in PGN file) from last 3-4 years, so going through those, I could spot out your strengths and weaknesses. After I understood the pros and cons of your play, I could create a study programme for the first period of work, which I can present to you and we could start our lessons. Objectively speaking, good results and rating gain which will be followed after improvement in play and understanding should appear after 2-3 months.

You can expect from me: chess lessons at the high level of fair price, notes after each session about games which have been analyzed, so you can save it in your files for future using. I can coach chess players of up to 2300 FIDE rating points (beginner and intermediate level). The language I use in chess lessons is exclusively English.

If you have any additional question, feel free to send a message and ask. I would like to explain and answer to all interested in chess. In order to connect with each other, we can use Skype, as well. Feel free to add me before the lesson, but in pre-lesson communication I prefer private messages or email