Hey everyone! If you want to try and adopt me, post in my notes and we can try and find a time to play. My USCF is 1098 but I think im a little underrated for my ratings. I am the captain and founder of the Dream Team Destroyers, which plays in the Not So PRO leagues. I love baseball and football as I play and watch both of them. Also, I got this diamond membership from getting 7th place overall in the Pogchamps2 fantasy contest!happy.png

Here are some chess teams I have been on:

NSPCL (Not So PRO Chess League) : Was a sub for the Chess Dominators in S9, sadly we didnt make the playoffs.cry.png In Season X the Dream Team Destroyers will be amazing as our lineup is really good! Here is our lineup:

B1: @FizzyBand

B2: @James-nguyen

B3: @Pmlegg

B4: @AthenaTheChessCub

B5: @Dark_Knight_DK14

NSPBCL (Not So PRO Blitz Chess League) : We had a really good team with a lot of talent and good players and many predicted us to go far into the playoffs. Unfortunately, forfeits got us and we lost in the Round of 16 to Rock N' ROL who ended up getting 3rd place. Thanks guys for joining the team!

Dream Team Destroyers:

Captain: @Dark_Knight_DK14

B1: @TanitoluwaAps116

B2: @Chessisfunforme

B3: @Jebediah_mushroom

B4: @Hvenki

B5: @25GSchatz22

B6: @Dark_Knight_DK14

NSPPBCL (Not So PRO Puzzle Battle Chess League) : Was B4 for TBD (yes litterally that was our team name) in S1 and we got third place! Thanks guys for letting me on the team! Here was our lineup:


B1: @Night0Sky

B2: @JeanJuno

B3: @acastelino

B4: @Dark_Knight_DK14

NSPFoWL (Not So PRO Fog of War League) Was b6 for the Chessical PROdigies and we won the finals with a 3-0-1 record!

B1: @Sep-gol

B2: @Roger436

B3: @Orlandokid2009

B4: @Neatgreatfire

B5: @Tebow2Baker

B6: @Dark_Knight_DK14


Adoption List: @P303





@BlunderlessOnslaught (Won 6 in a row and then he ran)

Avoided Adoption from: 









Adopted by:


Super Adopted by:

@NobleElevator (10 sec and im trash at 10 sec lol)

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