Hello! Welcome to my profile.

About Me

My name is Maria Shmaenok, I'm a teenage beginner player, I learned to play chess when I was 7 years old but didn't get interested in this game, and stopped playing. I came back into chess in January 2021, improving slowly. I played in one OTB tournament, and I have a FIDE profile. Focusing on rapid, but I sometimes play blitz and bullet for fun. I like to read books and listen to music (mostly Taylor Swift).

Live Challenges

If you want to play against me, please, create an unrated challenge! I accept all time controls up to 15|10. 

Note: Sometimes I don't accept challenges when I'm online because I just leave a tab open.

Daily Challenges

If you want to play a daily game against me, feel free to submit a challenge! I accept all daily time controls up to 7 days. 

Note: I accept daily challenges only from players rated less than 1200.

Puzzle Battle Challenges

I'm currently not accepting puzzle battle challenges, unfortunately...

Thanks for reading, bye!