I'm here to play chess, duh, I am Super Administrator and Founder of a couple of clubs, I love blogging  about anything that has to do with God and I love music.

So the first link I want to offer you is a free bible you can download. This Bible is so awesome because you can add maps, commentators(Albert Barnes), save your favorite verses on it. You can do quite a bit on it so here is the link:  http://www.e-sword.net/

Hi my name is David and I am Founder of three groups. Would you be interested in joining one or all my clubs? 

Challenge a club

 Send us a challenge to club(s) Daily Match or Vote Chess against anyone of these groups?

Follow the Lord's way

Follow the way of the Lord. This is a place where Interdenominational  Christians can fellowship in english, spanish(We use a Language Translator for other languages) , Here you can have friendly chats, post Bible verses and play Daily Matches and Vote Chess.  

El Poder de Dios y Ajedrez
Si crees en Dios y juegas al ajedrez, únete a nuestro club.

Messianic and Friends
Shalom, this is a place of friendly people that share the knowledge of the Old and New Testament in a friendly way. We also love to play chess.

Proof God exist!

Do you want proof of God? Well here it is!


 Some of my visions


 And these links  will take you to my music videos. Here are the links:

These are basically Contemporary Christian songs, but once in a while I will put a Christian rock song.


Estas son Canciones Cristianas en espanol


These are Messianic Music


 This one is about living eternally. 


 This one will make you ponder about your belief in Christ.