lht My Visions from God

lht My Visions from God

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 I feel the Lord is using me to tell the world about the visions he has showed me in the last couples of years.  The visions are not of good news. The Lord has been on me during the nights to tell the world about the visions he had showed me. Sometimes he will keep me awake from about 2am or 3am talking to me till around  5am or so. God will tell me two or three words which then turns into a multitude of words that overwhelm my mind. Sometimes I ask God to please let me rest as it is to overpowering for my mind to absorb what he is telling me.  His voice sounds like the rumble of powerful ocean waves and yet his voice also has a calming effect that puts me at ease(more then likely it is Jesus whose presence emits a peaceful loving effect). His voice sounds nothing like my thoughts. I am sure everybody recognizes how their thoughts sound like. Once in a while I hear a voice that tries to sound like God's voice, but it is a little more diabolical.  That is when I know  it is the devil trying to disguise his voice as God's voice. The devil tricked me one time and that is when I broke my leg in three places going into the Amtrak on a very steep ramp. So I have to be careful and make sure it is God's voice. 
These are some of the visions God showed me.  He let me out of the spirit to Iraq and I saw a colliseum and there were two persons hoovering over the colliseum as we fought Saddam Hussein and they said amoung themselves that we(Americans) were to powerful for one nation to try and conquer us. They said as long as America exist they would not be able to conquer Israel. So then several nights later I saw three wasp coming from the east high above the clouds and swooping down to the ocean before they headed back up towards the sky then they stop, I was able to take a good look at their faces, one of the wasps had a face of a dragon I know this is China. Another one had the face of a beast I knew this was Russia the bear, heading toward America.  But the third one did not have a face and it troubled me and I asked God why it did not have a face? God answered me and told me because they were already in America.  They were the Arabs who will help in conquering American!
My other vision is about 7 years of blessings of which two years have gone by. After the 7 years it will be the beginning of the tribulation. There has been much rain lately and a lot of fruit on my table bowl that my caregivers have brought me, a land of plenty. I am in Texas and I do not know if the rest of the world is getting lots of rain.
Then the angels sounded their trumpets  and said woe unto America for she has become an abomination to the almighty God. God went to me in great detail what were the abominations of America. I'll make it short abortion, children in heaven are crying out how much longer for justice to come in. God does not approve of men sleeping with men. God told me this is filth that has reached up to the heavens. The greed has multipled so bad where even generals are enbezzling the government. Divorce is at an all time high and the ones that suffer are the children. The justice system is corrupt in that it interferes with the proper up bringing of children so that these children will grow up always getting into trouble so that more prisons have to be built and more officers of the law need to be hired creating a tax burden.

(Mat 24:22)  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.