I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, I'm a doctor by profession, I have a beautiful family, I like singing, playing guitar, piano, and I love to play chess with my friends, it makes me feel that I'm fighting in an intellectual battle, where I prepare my Best strategy and through tactics I advance in every movement until I corner my opponent and get the final victory.
My avatar is a Brave Knight Templar, named Sir Williams, with his armor, he fight with his sword and shield in the Crusades defending the Holy Land ...

Caballero Dorado Aldebaran de Tauro

"El ajedrez es el arte que ilustra la belleza de la lógica". Mijail Botvinnik"

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I am a Member and Co-Administrator of The Glorious:  Team Dominican Republic

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I monitor all of my games for fair play violations.  Let's keep it clean please!!!  


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 Sir Williams its gona take you down!!!






Sir_Williams  vs Carli02

en el Salón Multiuso de HUMANO 


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