I definitely live in iceland

nian + dusk = epik bg material

WHOAAAA 10k points and 100 follows, FINALLY!

@cloudytears is my 100th follower! ty and ggs (((:

still need 1k views l e l.

gen asagiri is still epic, its just that the pfp didn't match the bg, which hurt my eyes, dang

I'll be inactive asf because now i go to school. sorry guys sad.png

his expression is funni

What I'll start studying (for fun - LMAO STUDYING FOR FUN):

Cognitive and Forensic psychology.

Because both are cool.

NOTE: i may or not main psychology in college, idk


Common Questions: 

Q: "Why do you have a girl pfp?"

A: "idk"

NOTICE: If you are on my friends list and want to get a shoutout on my bio, pm me/ chat me your name, and how you want me to put the description, and I'll put you on my bio.

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The Aland Islands are part of Finland, but usually they have a different flag, odd 🤔


dragon likes minecraft, I like minecraft, literally every person I know likes minecraft


tank man


"True friendship is really just denouncing the other by spamming the 12th letter in the alphabet, namely "L", on their profile on a chess website." 4spen is K1y0's alt


a e s t h e t i c.


chess man, the only person i know who actually uses for chess lmao



Bruh most of my friends are random people who friend requested me

if you're not on this list thing on my bio it's bc i don't know you too much or bc you've gone inactive

whoa this is a nice song pogger (trap/future bass):

cool song (lofi):

cool song (first one of this dark techno mix):