This club is a safe community during this hard time for everyone. We will have fun forums, puzzles, daily and vote chess matches, live tournaments, and much more! Do not miss out on it, just click the join button to be able to experience some new amazing things, and get together with more people!


You have been selected to join the Majestic Panda Club! A growing community with lots of stuff to do!

Here are some activities in the club:

1. We have lots of daily matches and vote chess, which we are starting to play competitively. They will be lots of fun, and there will be good learning provided, especially in vote chess.

2. We have fun and instructive forums. Every week, we will have a few classes in the forums, about many things! Endgames, openings, pawn structures, and much more! We will also have fun daily puzzles, and maybe some fun forums as well, including some word searches, mazes, and more!

3. We will also have live tournaments with different time controls and maybe some variant tournaments as well! Join in to have some fun with other players!

4. We will have amazing learning tools! Every week, there will be 2 masterclasses, which can boost your level, including some homework puzzles at the end of the lecture. They will be very instructive for sure!

5. This club is a great way to approach other people during this hard time, and make new friends! We will also talk about pandas!

If this sounds good to you, then don't hesitate to join this club:

See you there!

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