The Junior World League
Formed: Nov 7, 2013 Hello Everyone. Americans, Scotish, Irish, Polish, Australian ect. This group is a competition, called The Junior International Cup. Only U18 players can compete. It's A NON SWEARING GROUP. It's a competition based on World League team matches for Country Groups, except, this one is only for junior Country groups. The Reasons 1: Better Chatting, Kids and Adults in World League chatting, may not be the right place. If you only want to chat with kids, then you have come to the right place 2: Some Juniors, playing in World League, might get TRASHED in some of their games, here we are giving Kids (Us) a chance to win some games 3: Creating A kids world league, and to have fun! So, for more info on this tournament, Join the Group (Juniors Only) And Round 1 Of The 2015 and the 2nd Junior International Cup will commence on November 14 2014. Our 2014 champions are still do be decided!
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