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Ab Imo Pectore
This is Ab Imo Pectore, a very active international group to play chess. We organise Team Matches, Tournaments and Vote Chess. The club focus is on...
Sachsen-Anhalt Team
Wer in Sachsen-Anhalt geboren ist, hier lebt, liebt oder arbeitet, oder auf andere Weise mit unserem wunderschönen Bundesland im Herzen Deutschla...
Salt Lake City Chess Players
Live in the greater Salt Lake area? Have a passion for chess? Looking to learn how to play? Join this group to hook up with local chess player...
Клуб имени Михаила Чигорина. Club names Mikhail Chigorin
Никогда не было мастера, который в такой мере сочетал бы в себе искусство атаки и защиты, как Чигорин (Гарри Пильсбери)
Clube de Xadrez de Peçanha - MG
ATENÇÃO NOVATO(A)!!! Para ser aceito no Clube de Xadrez de Peçanha – MG (CXPecanha) e assim poder participar das competições e brincadeiras, você ...
The Golden Phoenix
The Phoenix is a mythical bird that rises or is born, from its own ashes.   "A mysterious fire flashes from its eye, and a flaming aureole enriche...
Chess.com Achievement Hunters
Join if you want all of the achievements on chess.com
Opening '64 - Openbaar
Opening ’64 is de schaakvereniging van Sint Pancras. Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, is de vereniging opgericht in 1964. Opening ’64 is de club va...
Media Chess Club
Media Chess Club has a new home. Join this to easily join tournaments and challenge other members.  
The Universe of Animals
Are you looking for a club that is fun, productive and does memes, riddles and games every day!(that’s specific).Hello and welcome if you think y...
Blunder Town
Welcome to Blunder Town! The official club for Laurarrgh's Twitch community; everyone is welcome!
Racing Club
  Racing Club de Avellaneda   Este club está formado por hinchas y simpatizantes del mítico Racing de Argentina, con la idea de homenajearlo de ...
Master Denns Chess Club Privat
zen's un private club
beware of a dead club
chess rogues
defining your own style of play. Traps,gambits and swindles are our stock in the greatest game invented.
Assassination Classroom
Aller mon club ! On est là pour "tuer" des gens en leur faisant des échecs et mat !
Добро пожаловать в команду УРАЛ! МЫ -лучшие! Урал - опорный край державы! Приглашаем в группу всех проживающих во всех концах Урала: от Южного до С...
Team Emilia-Romagna
https://www.chess.com/club/matches/team-emilia-romagna/1265461Questo gruppo rappresenta l`Emilia-Romagna nel campionato italiano a squadre (CIS), n...
Young Maidens For Jesus
This club is for any of the girls (around 10 to 18) in Christian Youth Chess Team.  *You can only get into this club by being privately invited by...
Animal Lovers of the World
This club is for anyone who loves both animals and chess. Here, we combine the two, to make chess and animals collide.  We play chess and talk abou...
Juventus F.C.
A bench in Corso Re Umberto, one of noble boulevards in downtown Torino. A group of friends, with the passion for football, a special game that had...
Chess.com Uttar Pradesh
We represent INDIA while playing for the Indian State UTTAR PRADESH here at an International Level.  Any Indian who want to make our team more s...
Do you know Martin? He is the weakest bot in Chess.com(Except event bots). Our club protects Martin, the weakest bot in Chess.com. And our club tal...