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Toronto Kaiqi Chess Club
A place to learn and have fun! 
Ajedrez en Español
Ajedrez en Español nace con la intención de reunir en un mismo equipo a todos los usuarios de Chess.com que utilizan el español para comunicarse. E...
Club creado para divertirse. Jugamos torneos entre nosotros para divertirnos y contra otros Clubs.
भारत/ BHARAT
Namastey to all Bharatiyas !!! " Bharat" - is the original name of our country , ' India'- is the name attached by Greeks & popularized by Brit...
Team Tunisia
This is the group representing Tunisia in the Chess.com World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in League match play. Membe...
This group is for chess players with an interest in Astronomy. LET YOUR SPIRITS SOAR WITH THE MAJESTY OF IT ALL!!!!!! Join us!!!!! https://www...
Anti-Pigeon's-Army Faction
We will fight the Pigeons and APF till our last breath. Join us in our rightful cause.   Prerequisite for Joining: Pledge Allegiance to the ANTI-AN...
Club Unico
Club pertenecientes a la electiva de la UCMC
The Golden Phoenix
The Phoenix is a mythical bird that rises or is born, from its own ashes.   "A mysterious fire flashes from its eye, and a flaming aureole enriche...
тнє вσмв вℓαѕтєяѕ
Don't  Forget To Click The Join Button .... ( lol 😆 )
Cyclist Union
Note: This is NOT the B1Z hub. Any inappropriate jokes, and I kick you until you apologize. Not kidding around for this. Jack brought his world-ch...
The Great Outdoors Chess
This group is for people who love the great outdoors and chess.
Black Stone
At various stages of human history, an extraterrestrial black monolith appeared at a place, triggering a huge shift in evolution. The black stone g...
Crimea team
CRIMEA is UKRAINE! Любимо Крим, любимо Україну!   Qırım sevmek, Ukraina sevmek! Любим Крым, любим Украину!      We love Crimea, we love Ukraine!
Kingdom of the Picts
Calling all Picts and Caledonians to arms! It is time to slay the enemy of the Picts. We are a proud warlike people who take no prisoners. Join our...
GMLightning fan club
Fan club for the one and only GMLightning on Twitch! We'll have viewer arenas here, and will post stream schedules here as well. Be sure to check o...
Christian Homeschool Team
Welcome homeschoolers! Join us as we march into the great chess arena! We provide a place for Team Matches, Vote Chess, in-group interaction, and m...
Ninja Empire
Welcome, Ninja and Shinobi Warrior into the presence of future epic battles alongside well armed warriors. Many Masters in fact and proven expert...
ZionPureinHeart Chess.com Friends
Hey friends in Chess.com! Do you play chess everyday? Do you dream to reaching a rating of 3000? We decided to create this group to connect good ...
CLB Cờ vua của người Trái Đất
Đây là nơi để cùng chơi, cùng học và cùng trải nghiệm cờ vua với mọi người!