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Gotham City Subscribers
For Twitch subscribers of Levy Rozman, who streams at https://www.twitch.tv/gothamchess. CLUB IS INVITE ONLY - YOU MUST JOIN THROUGH LEVY'S DISCO...
Xadrez Henrique Mecking
Henrique da Costa Mecking, o Mequinho, é o melhor enxadrista brasileiro. Nascido em 1952, o gaúcho Mequinho tem uma trajetória única no xadrez naci...
Untitled Friday Club
Ever wanted to join a Titled Tuesday tournament but didn't have a title? Have you missed your opportunity to play that week? Untitled Friday is the...
Caro-Kann players
The Caro–Kann is a common defense against the King's Pawn Opening and is classified as a "Semi-Open Game" like the Sicilian Defence...
Jaffna District Chess Association
Chess Lovers Can Join!!!
St John's Chess Club Norwich
A club for people who attend St John's Chess Club in Norwich, England!
Global Football League HQ
The Global Football League (GFL) provides a first class service to chess.com football teams wishing to compete against each other. The league's thi...
Tech With Tim
This is a chess club for the Tech with Tim community. Tim's YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JX40jDee_tINbkjycV4SgTim's Discord - disco...
Michigan Chess Association
Please include your USCF ID when requesting to join the MCA club. The Michigan Chess Association is a non-profit organization, which promotes chess...
Christian Chess Community
Statement of Beliefs We are a group of Christians that consider ourselves to be Disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to reflect Christ in our liv...
Tully Library Chess Club
This is the Chess.com Club for the Tully Library Chess Classes, which run from 12:00-1:00pm PT on Saturdays. Make sure to play games in between mee...
Transport Logistic Wanderers
Everyone can take part in this group, especially those chess players that are interested or involved in the Transport service. Drivers, loaders, pi...
The Film and TV Buffs
This is a club for all fans of film and TV, where you can exchange views on your likes and dislikes, plus play themed tournaments for customised pr...
MIA Music Flow
MIA = Missing in Action? Wake Up, save the Earth! It's still okay to fight for good stuff! Who will else to do it, if not YOU? So YOUR time has com...
Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League
Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League! A blitz focused club. We have a NSPCL (Not-So Pro Chess League) style league,  You join a team of 6 and play 6 rou...
Hawaii Chess Warriors
Aloha! For those from Hawaii or have been in Hawaii or wishing they were in Hawaii, with no Chess.com group!! All welcome! we will have team matche...
Chess.com V2
Club to discuss Chess.com V2, options for keeping it around, and ideas to take to make V3 better for those who prefer V2.
We would like to welcome anyone from, living, working or with a connection to Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire to this new team representing both c...
KidEx Chess Club For students upto 8 years of age group. The chess club is used as a platform to enable students to practice and improve on their...
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