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I am a committed chessplayer. I play in congresses and other tournaments throughout southern England on a very regular basis. I play in my local league and run 2 chess club for juniors (7 to 14years) in Bristol. I also teach chess in 4 primary schools, years 3/4, for the Chess in Schools initiative. One of my juniors is the current Welsh under 20 champion at the grand old age of 15. It took him 2 years to beat me. Now he plays Board 1 for my club while I play Board 4. Unfortunatley I am getting on in years so subject to blunders, but when awake I can be awesome. I fear no one and play equally badly with either colour:) I NEVER Use A Computer To Play a game. I do use them to analyse a game or particular opening before and after the event. But NEVER during. If you need a computer to play a game then try pacman. LOL I played chess at school (1950/60s) onwards till 1977. In that time I became a reasonable player. FIDE grade 1930. I played Nigel Short twice when he was a child. Losing both I might add. I gave up totally in 1977 and didn't even teach my kids. I took it up again 12 years ago.