May 30, 2009
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I'm fairly new at chess. I started playing 1 year ago here where I played my first game ever...and I won! I was ran over by a car, really bad accident and spent a very long time in the hospital. With nothing to do and bored, I picked up a chess book, Play Winning Chess-by Yasser Seirawan, and my wife brought me a small chess set. No one else around played so I used the set to follow the moves/ in the book so I can learn better. Played nearly a year by myself and learned what I know now (which isnt really a lot). After my hospital discharge and another 9 months of physical therapy, I continued with the book, learning as much as possible cause I still couldnt find another player. Then one day the light bulb in my head lit up and I typed on my address bar and I found this site, where I've played all the I have, Still looking forward to play my first over the board game with someone to see how I do. I learned to love the game and I spend a lot of time here. For some reason (?) I seem to enjoy my losing games much more than the winning ones, I guess it must be the challenge, but hey, I love winning too, lol. I dont like playing with those that get mad over the game. Some guy here insulted me like crazy just cause I took his Queen.thats absurd. But Im here to play and make friends from all over the world. I've tried several online sites for chess but found this one to be the best !