Isengard is a fortress at the southern end of the Misty Mountains. It is in a small valley inside a ring-shaped wall. The wall is called, the Ring of Isengard. In the fortress is a tall black tower, Orthanc. Isengard belonged to Gondor but in the 28th century it was given to Saruman. The fortress has a palantΓ­r. A palantir is ball made of indestructible crystal that is used for communicating with other places. In the War of the Ring, ring-wall was destroyed by the Ents. After the War, the tower Orthanc was given back to King Elessar and the Reunited Kingdom.

The Legends of Icezonia

Everything started on a cold, icy night...

It was just after midnight in a small town when the man turned the corner. His long black hood covered his face so that no one could see who it was. Finally he seemed to have reached his goal because he stopped and turned around...
"You are here"?
asked a harsh dark voice suddenly.
He quickly turned and looked around, but there was no one there. He held his sword in front of his body to protect. It was a very special blade. She was cursed. Just like him.
"You shouldn't have come"
said the speaker again.
"The time of peace is over," the voice continued. "There is nothing more you can do, but if you rebel against the Empire you will suffer greatly from the consequences."
It seemed to him that the mere presence of this shape would take all his strength
He fell to the ground.
"You'll never be the Ice King," he groaned, his face twisted in agony.
"Is that so"? asked the dark shadow.
"Once I've found all the Crystals of Eternity, nothing will stop me, because you know what happens then? Oh yes you know it, I see it in your face."
So then. We'll see each other in the final fight.
With those last words, a wind picked up and the dark wizard disappeared in it with an evil smile on his face.